Tournament STANDBY TEAMS!!

A standby team is not eligible to play unless there is a cancellation, once a team cancels the first one on the list will be called up to enter the tournament as replacement.

Our struggle as an organization is to get as many teams into tournaments as possible. The major limiting factor is availability of carts. Rentals are expensive and the majority of courses cannot justify the rental costs compared to the entry fees we have set. In years past there have always been cancellations each week, those will need to be filled off the Standby list.

ADDING TEAMS past the set number-–Nine-hole courses, limited teams, adding to many groups would slow down play. Eighteen-hole courses would be less of an issue as we can spread them out more. We will continue to work with courses to see if we can add more teams each week.

BRING A CART OPTION______ Most courses have indicated that bringing in carts would be an option. We would need to verify with them minimum of one week in advance of any tournament. By sign up only! You would be responsible for bringing in your personal cart. The course would NOT be obligated for reimbursement of any part of your entry fees unless they see fit to do so. NENSGA would not be responsible for any reimbursement of entry fees……This is between the golfer and the course.

The only way this would work is to call and sign up your cart. We need to keep our groups at three to maintain the pace of play. If you are willing to bring a cart then contact Brad, tournament director, and put your name on a list. If we can get three player carts signed up, then we can put together a group. You will be contacted once everything is confirmed with the course and we have a group put together.

DO NOT just show up with a cart and expect to play. Will not be allowed

If you have questions, please contact me and I can help clarify.


Brad Penlerick