2021 NENSGA Tournament

Want to thank our members for there very timely response to our entrees for the 2021 season. All went as good as we were hoping it would. we do have room for more teams on most of the 18 hole courses. If you have fellow golfers who would like to be a member and play a couple of our tournaments have them get ahold of one of our directors so we can get them into our organization. We will have our sub list available if anyone would like to put there name on there as a sub, always looking for subs.

You will see on our tournaments there is a listing of the number of teams that were entered into the event. At the bottom there is what is called a….. STAND BY list …… if your on this list you are not in the tournament…..if a team cancels the first one on the standby list will be contacted to be entered as a replacement team….. There were many times we have had to go deep into the stand by list to fill our tournaments up due to cancellations.

REMINDER,,,, You are responsible to find a sub if your partner cannot play. DO NOT call a director to find a replacement for you! We have a large list of golfers that want to sub. You can go to our sub list here on the web site for names and phone numbers. Please contact Bill Schuele or Brad Penlerick as soon as you have a sub or a new partner for that week so we can update our list and make score card adjustments.