2024 NENSGA Season

Want to thank our members for a very successful 2023 season. The host courses have done an awesome job of hosting our organization! WE THANK YOU! Looking forward to seeing you in 2024.

The membership signup for will remain the same as this last year 2023. There will be NO MAILINGS for the membership sign up letter.

Due to the high costs of mailing we are encouraging all members to fill out a membership form off the web site and mail it to the address at the bottom before November 1st, 2023.….. Please include a current email address, you will be sent by email, the tournament signup sheets, and tournament locations as soon as there set.

We will again have a sign-up date of February 15th for the 2024 tournaments. Same criteria as last year, entries mailed on the Feb. 15th date will have priority over any early or late mailing dates. We are looking to get 20 tournaments for the 2024 season.

With our members cooperation we will save on expenses which will allow us to maintain our current membership fee of $15.00 for 2024………..Contact me Brad Penlerick for questions. 402-360-0714

THANKS to all our members of our NENSGA organization!!

Brad Penlerick

Tournament guide lines:

You will see on our tournaments there is a listing of the number of teams that were entered into the event. At the bottom there is what is called a….. STAND BY list …… if your on this list you are not in the tournament…..if a team cancels the first one on the standby list will be contacted to be entered as a replacement team….. There were many times we have had to go deep into the stand by list to fill our tournaments up due to cancellations and couple of instances we have ran out of teams to replace them.

REMINDER,,,, You are responsible to find a sub if your partner cannot play. DO NOT call a director to find a replacement for you! We have a large list of golfers that want to sub. You can go to our sub list here on the web site for names and phone numbers. Please contact Brad Penlerick or another board member as soon as you have a sub or a new partner for that week so we can update our list and make score card adjustments.