Thank you to all of our NENSGA members for a Great 2021 season.

Points are accumulated throughout the tournament season. The person with the most points at the end of the season is awarded the NENSGA Senior Cup.

In addition to tracking overall point standings, we also track points for each age group. The table below show the overall point standing for this tournament season. To view the points by age groups, click the links below.

50-66- yr Age Group
67-71 yr Age Group
72-75 yr Age Group
76-80+ yr Age Group

Monty Miller255 CUP CHAMP
Brad Penlerick255
Don Weyhrich220
Terry Lutt200
Alan Johnson200
Dennis Koopman200
Mike Hunke200
Alan Fuchser200
Jim Fairbanks195
Russ Whitmore185
Jim Jorgensen185
Harold Schroeder175
Ron Willers175
Roger Feuerbacher170
Gene Granquist170
Leon Bender170
Bill Nickeson170
Bill Zeisler165
Verlin Hingst160
Mike Salmon160
Byron Vanness160
Bob Hopp155
Lonnie Nixon155
Rick Lindquist150
Rick Sterkel145
Richard Mackeprong145
Lyle Rorvik145
Rick Friedrichsen140
LeRoy Hansen140
Joe McCoy135
Jim Harmon135
Gary Strong135
Mark Luebe135
Mark Freudenburg135
Gerald Muller135
Jim Recob130
Roger Oursland125
Glen MaCumber125