Tournament Fee

  • Entry Fee is set by NENSGA Board of Directors.
  • Tournament Fee pays for 18 holes of golf, cart, a meal after the event, and the tournament pay-out


  • NENSGA member would consist of a senior 50 or older applying for and paying a membership fee.


  • NENSGA wants to pay as many players as possible, rather than have any single player receive a large payback. Flights will be set up according to numbers entered and minimum four places paid per flight.
  • We encourage giving flag prizes to give more players a chance at receiving something.
  • Try to make paybacks divisible by two and have the appropriate denomination of currency for easy division among players
  • NOTE: Starting 2022 all courses will be required to do cash payback unless otherwise approved by the tournament director.
  • Payback will be a minimum of 30% of the gross registration fees. Discretion of the Board if changes are warranted.

GPS and Lasers

  • NENSGA will allow GPS and Laser yardage devices at all tournaments


  • There will be four sets of tee boxes, front tees will be used by 80 years of age and older, next set of tees will be used by 70-79 years of age, next set of tees will be used by 60-69 and back tees will be used by 50-59 years of age. Proof of age may be required. A NENSGA Representative will place the tee Box flags before the tournament begins

Tournament Play Format

  • Two man scramble, pick your partner or be matched by tournament officials
  • 9:00 am shotgun starts all tournaments
  • Please arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to tee time
  • In the event a tournament “fills” and additional players wish to play, preference will be given to PAID entries first. Members will be notified of their status prior to tournament day
  • Scorecards: On 9-hole courses, if you start on any hole other than #1, finish that nine and then proceed to the second nine before finishing up on the first nine


  • Flighting will be done by total score after 18 holes (i.e. 40 teams, 4 flights, top ten scores first flight, second ten scores second flight, and third ten scores third flight)
  • In the event of ties, all ties will stay in the same flight. This may result in some flights having more of less than other flights
  • In the event of ties in each flight, placings will be determined by scorecard play-off using the highest handicap hole and continuing in sequence until a winner is determined. On 9-hole Courses, that will mean the #1 handicap hole on the first nine, followed by that same hole on the second nine and continuing that sequence until a winner is determined

Points for NENSGA Senior Cup

  • Points will be awarded at all NENSGA Tournaments
  • Points will be awarded to the 1st through the 5th in all flights
  • Points will be awarded to each player on the two man team in the following sequence:
    • 1st place – 25 points
    • 2nd place – 20 points
    • 3rd place – 15 points
    • 4th place – 10 points
    • 5th place – 5 points
  • Player with highest total points at the end of the season Tournament will be awarded the NENSGA Senior Cup, and a substantial cash award. Winners name will be engraved on the NENSGA Cup
  • There will be cash awards to three spots in each of four age divisions. the age of each division will be determined by your Board of Directors or tournament director before the start of each season.
  • In the event of a tie for the Senior Cup Championship, a one-hole sudden death playoff will take place.


  • Must be a member of NENSGA to play in tournament. Players who are not members must fill out a Membership Application and attach a check payable to NENSGA for $15. The host club will then forward application and dues to NENSGA (application forms will be supplied to hosting clubs). Host club may consider letting a non-member play, (i.e. if player was needed to fill out tournament). If a non-member placed in the tournament, then the Host club would give the player a membership application to complete and apply $15.00 of his winnings toward the players NENSGA membership, which would then be forwarded to the NENSGA Secretary.
  • All putts must be putted in, no gimmee’s.
  • Players cannot improve lie from Rough to Fairway. You may move the ball 1 Club length on the line of the flight no nearer the hole, and this must be consistent from Tournament to Tournament
  • Host Golf club will provide NENSGA with $1.00 per player.
  • Refunds–full refund if cancellation is 5 or more days prior to tournament date. Cancellation of less than 5 days before tournament date will be entry fee less Course expenses(Cart and meal). Special circumstances at Course discretion.Host Club is responsible for determining what refund applies and return of all refunds due members.
  • Rain out Policy: It will be the Host Club responsibility to make that decision along with the tournament director. Members should call the Host Club if inclement weather is in the area. Host Club should notify the tournament director of there intensions of cancelling the event or whether to reschedule the event.
  • Other than any exceptions noted, All USGA Rules will apply

There will be 2 Hole in One Prizes per Year, one for the first 10 tournaments each year and one for the rest of the Tournaments. Both will pay $250.00. You must immediately enter the time on the scorecard in case there are more than one on any particular day. Have the rest of your foursome sign the card to validate the time.Only the first player to score a Hole in One in any Tournament will win the Prize. In the event there is no winner in the first half, there will be no carry-over. If there is no winner in the second half, we start over the next year.

Please contact us with any questions.

To download a copy of the NENSGA Tournament Rules, click here.