Happy New Year NENSGA Members !!!

We are starting our 7th year in 2016, and every year has been better than the last. Membership is up, attendance is up, and the Golf Courses are doing a Great job of hosting our Tournaments.

In 2016, there will be one very important change in the way we set up our Tournaments. We have listened to the Membership , and have concluded that we need to simplify our entry process. Starting this coming 2016 campaign, all entries will be sent to Bill Schuele, our Vice President. There will be no need to contact each Course for any reason, Bill will handle entries, cancellations, finding replacements, or any other questions concerning the Tournaments.

When you receive yours entry forms, you will notice that all entry forms will have the same address to return your entry form and checks, and one (1) phone number to call if the need arises, such as cancellations, etc.We have also up-dated the Web Page, www.nensga.com. You will be able to go to the 2016 Tournament page, and click on the entries received for each Tournament, and it will reflect who has sent in their entries, and if needed, who is on stand by.

THIS IS IMPORTANT !! For those of you that which to send in entries for multiple Tournaments, you MUST send separate checks for each Tournament you wish to enter. You CANNOT send 1 large check to cover all of those events. You CAN send 1 check to cover you and your partner for each Tournament (encouraged !), or you can each send a separate check and entry form as done in the past. THE CHECKS MUST BE MADE OUT TO THE GOLF COURSES as in the past.

If you do not use computers, please call Bill or myself and we will confirm your status. Please allow 3-4 days after you mail your entries for Bill to receive them and post your names. As most of you are aware, it would be wise to mail your entries at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

Gary Bellingtier

Executive Secretary