Great experience at Randolph

We are heading into a stretch of 18 Hole Courses besides a couple of 9 Hole Courses. The 18 hole Courses except El Dorado have openings, sign up now to ensure a spot. Randolph is always a fun tournament with good food and a Course that is always in great Shape. This year was no exception, with 10 teams at Par or better. The food was very good as well, they have always done a good job and try to really take care of NENSGA.

Eldorado is up next, it will be a very good experience on a fun Course to play. Dave has worked hard to get the Course in shape after the brutal winter of 2014. His hard work has paid off, the Course is playing very well and the Greens are really good. Bring your A game and expect to have a blast. The food will be as good as it gets.

Flights winner at Randolph were as follows:

1st……………. Jack Mahler-Gene Reed  (65)

2nd………….. Bill Schuele-Gary Bellingtier (71)

3rd…………… Bob Crippen-Lloyd Avery (74)

4th…………… Mert Hahne-Dean Benson (77)

Drive safe and we will see you at Eldorado!!!


Hartington In The Books, Randolph on the Horizon

Hartington saw a really good 63 shot by Nelson and Keuhn. Only 3 scores under Par for the event , but as usual the competition elsewhere was very competitive.

Randolph is up next on the agenda, and it is always a really good tournament. We did have a cancellation, so if anyone wishes to play, please contact me @ 402-760-1616 right away.

We continue to have issues with scorecard accuracy. Guys, we need to clean this up immediately or we will have to force the DQ rules. Every tournament has at least 2 and many times more, of in-correct cards. The biggest culprit is Math. Too many of you are signing for a score that does not add up to the scores posted. Be diligent guys and double check the addition. Please do not blame us, if you are DQ’d as a result of signing an in-correct score card.

Everyone please drive safe, and we will see you in Randolph on July 13th.




Thanks to Pender for A Great Tournament

Pender put on a really good tournament for  NENSGA. I can’t think of any aspect that was not done in a very Professional manner. The Course was in excellent shape and the Members were very, very competitive again. As a matter of fact, the entire 2nd Flight were all the same score, and most of the 3rd flight was also the same scores. A LOT of scorecard play-offs. Literally, anyone on any certain day can win out here.

I will give the flight winners, Ist Flight- Jenkins & Ballantyne (68) ; 2nd Flight Clarkson – G.Anderson (74);  3rd Flight – Vanness & Hingst (76) ;4th flight- B. Johnson-Schmidt (80)

June 29th is Hartington, then Randolph, and they are both Full. Check out the Schedule for entries in the other events. We are heading into the larger venues, so there are currently openings. But DO NOT sleep on these events, they will start to fill fast. El Dorado has really came back from the Winter Kill of last Year and the greens are as good as we played at Pender. They have done an amazing job, so let’s show our support. They can comfortably use another12-15 teams. Get your entries in now to avoid the rush.

Drive Safely, and enjoy a beautiful Course in Hartington on June 29th!!


Club 91 , A Tremendous Turn Around

Club 91 at Leigh has done a fabulous job this year. If you remember last year, they had a severe case of Winter kill on their greens. They did the right thing, and shut down their greens, bit the bullet and re-did their greens. It really cost them in revenues, something a small Course really can not afford. BUT IT WORKED.

We had a GREAT outing with 80 players and the Course was excellent. MariBeth is an outstanding Hostess and all her volunteer help were top notch. Guys, this is part of the reason we do this, to help these small Courses. MariBeth said it best, they REALLY<REALLY appreciated us helping them out with a tournament to add some needed cash flow.

What a meal, Turkey, dressing, and all the Fixings. The weather was great, the scoring was good, and everyone enjoyed the fellowship. We will be Back!!

All the Senior Cup Points are updated, take a look and see where you stand. Pender is up next Tuesday June 16,we look forward to another Great Event. Drive safely, and we will see you in Pender.

A Beautiful Day At Humphrey SteepleView

What a great day we had at Humrhrey, the weather was really nice, we moved 90 players around the Course in very good time,and had a really delicious Filet wrapped in bacon for lunch. It doesn’t get any better than that.

You had to be at least 3 under Par to make the 1st Flight. Leon Bender and Bill Nickeson survived a  score card play-off with Keith Clarkson and Dave Anderson to win that flight with a smooth 8 under par 64.

Bill Schuele and Gary Bellingtier won the 2nd Flight at 2 under 70. Charlie Woods and Dan Bowers won the 3rd Flight at 75, and our most veteran player John Winter and Sam Knepper, won the 4th flight at 78. As you can see, the winning scores are really good all the way through, a real testament to the quality of players we have at NENSGA. And,………. We have FUN!!!! which is the purpose. We  have Club 91 in Leigh this next Monday, hope to see you there. Be Safe.


Correction on Crofton Placings

Please note a mistake on the 3rd flight placing for Crofton. Below is the correct placings.

3rd Flight

1. Mike Taege – Don Weyrich

2. Jim Claussen – Tom Delay

3. Gene Granquist – Randy Spahn

4. Marv Grinvold – Leroy Hansen

5. Dean Benson – Mert Hahne

All the points and the money have been corrected and the parties informed on Monday June 1st at the Humphrey Tournament. Sorry for the confusion.

WOW Crofton was a Challenge.

We played in very difficult conditions at Crofton, very cool temps and a very strong NW wind. But true to form, our Members did their thing and we made a Great Tounament out of the conditions we were dealt.Gary Schoepf and Ron Nelson shot an even par round as did Brad Penlerick and Monte Miller. It playoff holes gave the Victory to Gary and Ron in the 1st flight. The 2nd flight was even tighter, all 5 of the point eaners shot 79, with Dave Hoffman and Ron Lura winning the play-off. The 3rd flight had 2 teams at 83, and Mike Taege and Don Weyrich won tht play-off.

The meal, I thought, was very good smothered pork loins with all the trimmings. Looks like next week at Humphrey will be upper 70’s and sunny. Ideal for another fun tournament with good fellowship and a really great Hostess. That tournament has been filled for a couple weeks,and we are 1 team left to fill the following week at Club 91 in Leigh. Please look at your schedules and sign up early for the rest of the rotation. We wish everyone that wants to play can play, but you must sign up well in advance. We are coming to the stretch where we can accommodate more players, so I am hoping everbody who wants to play will be able to do so.


Highland Oaks in Ponca Has filled


Ponca has already filled. Course Superintendent Adam is now taking names for any cancellations that might occur. I think we had 2 teams cancel last year, so if you want to play, call Adam and get your team on the list. Notice also that Crofton Lakeview already has 40 players signed up, so get your entry forms in there as well. It is going to be a really fun year at NENSGA, and I anticipate most events will fill. I suggest that you have your entries in place at LEAST 2 weeks ahead, and 3 weeks would not be too early!

This year we will have all the Directors with shirts that clearly identify each one. Please introduce yourself and ask any questions you wish. The Board really values your feedback, and suggestions and comments are always needed to make your Organization the best it can possibly be. About 3 weeks out Boys, and I can’t wait to get started. Travel safe and we will see you in PONCA!!!!

So The Journey Starts Anew, The 2015 Campaign Starts In One Month

We are about to open our season long race to the NENSGA Senior Cup Champion. Our first event in Ponca is rapidly filling, so if your intention is to play this event, you must get your entries and checks in ASAP.I will be updating the entries on the WEB every 2 or 3 days, so you may check there to see how many entries have been received. We will have some exciting additions to this year and will announce them at each Tournament and also on this page as we finalize our thoughts.

The weather has made for some good practice days and with some spring moisture, we look for a Great season ahead. I will enjoy seeing each and every one of you soon.If you have any concerns or questions, please call or e-mail any of the Board Members Listed on the Directors page. Be safe, and we will see you soon.




Welcome to 2015!!!!

We have had our first planning session for 2015, and we are in the process of finalizing our 2015 Tournament schedule. In addition I am attempting to get out the 2015 membership mailing. The continued success of our organization depends on a vital and growing membership. Please share with your friends all the advantages of being a member of NENSGA, and assist them in becoming a member in 2015.

We will highlight any new changes we are discussing as soon as we have approved them. I think your board is talking about some very interesting new and fun ideas. Please contact a Board Member if you have any ideas you wish discussed. I will attempt to keep a post going about every 2 weeks until we meet again. Stay Safe!!