2018 IS A WRAP !!

The 2018 NENSGA season is now in the books. It was a 17 Tournament season with only a couple of weather hiccups. Your Board of Directors will now begin to plan the 2019 Campaign in earnest. We hope to have the schedule set and the mailings out by mid February. This year we will go back to having 1 first come sign up period as we had in the past. So, plan your strategy with your partner now so as to be on top of getting your entries in as soon as possible. Remember, the entry forms will be mailed as soon as your membership applications and dues are returned . We WILL NOT accept membership applications prior to the mailing. We also WILL NOT post the schedule until after the mailings are sent out. That way, everyone has an equal opportunity to get their entries turned in. The only way we can be fair about this whole process is First in, First on the list and so forth. Please enter all you want to play even if you think you can not get in. We had almost all Tournaments go down 4 or more stand-by teams that ended up getting a spot. Some Tournaments went 7 or 8 deep.

The 2018 NENSGA Senior Cup Winner was Leon Bender! He won a play-off With past winner and partner Bill Nickeson to secure his 2nd Championship. If you see Leon , please congratulate him on an outstanding season. Of interest is the fact that the top 10 places were separated by a mere 35 points!

Thanks to all our Members for your support and we hope to see you ALL next season.

Your Board Of Directors

Substitute Golfers for Tournaments

Steve bierhauBelow is a list of NENSGA members willing to be substitute golfers for tournaments.

1Allen Smith402-254-9251605-760-3120
2Gary Tiedgen402-316-7800402-860-2653
3Steve Bierhaus402-379-1035402-992-4052
4Lee Kathol402-598-6924
5Roger Borgman402-644-0024
6David Mauch402-750-8387
7Allen Thornberg402-386-5571
8Ron Pfeifer402-428-3375402-920-2139
9Darrel Dexter402-482-5597402-340-2931
10Frank Korth402-379-1249402-860-5588
11Randy Spahn402-750-8835
12Gene Granquist402-841-4269
13Barry Martinson402-635-9009712-251-0725
14Ken Wichman402-841-3147
15Keith Brehmer402-385-3169402-992-1996
16Marlin Krohn402-841-0591
17Jim Kuchar402-371-0355402-992-1400
18Larry Smalley402-371-5818402-649-3247
19Michael Salmon402-369-0263
20Warren Reimer402-379-2348 home402-371-5640 office
21Steven Stover402-640-7083
22Ray Lowry402-371-64256402-640-6696
23Randy Lutt402-369-3714
24Danny Buckendahl402-750-2308
25Gene Case402-371-2565402-922-0329
26James Hubel402-482-5275402-336-7275
27James P. Johnson480-639-9240
28Jerry Nelson402-518-0403
29Keith Johnson402-371-7288402-750-7183
30Jerry Childers402-340-5939
31Scott Carhart402-640-1403
32Larry Hansen402-379-4253402-640-4300
33Dennis Helphrey402-750-6758
34Mert Toelle402-329-4055402-750-3622
35John Pile402-640-1852
36Bill Meyer402-750-0470
37Kent Patterson402-810-3672
38Tim Thor402-841-6587
Dewey Freudenburg420-649-3046
Russell Olson281-379-1495
Chip Young402-518-8341


The 2017 Campaign in The Books, Very Successful Season Again

The 2017 season is now history. The conclusion was delayed a week due to inclement weather, but the re-schedule at Wayne was a Great Day.

Leon Bender is your 2017 NENSGA SENIOR CUP CHAMPION with a play-off win over prior Champion Gary Schoepf. Very exciting finish just as we always hope for. There were 11 players that could have cashed in on the 5 placings!! Congratulations to Leon, and to the other 4 members who cash in.

We have up-dated the NENSGA CUP final points standings for your viewing pleasure on that page on the Web. The fall meetings have begun, and a tremendous amount of progress has already been made on the 2018 Schedule as well as other issues that needed attention. There will be some changes next year, so please pay careful attention to the Members Letter that will be sent along with the 2018 Membership application. Those should go out in The middle of January, and the entry forms will go out as usual as soon as the 2018 Membership apps are received.

We hope you all have a safe off season. The entire Board Of Directors wishes everyone a Blessed Christmas Season, and hope to see you all next Spring!!!


Schedule Change, Tatanka Recap


Tatanka was again a real treat for NENSGA members. We played under Ideal conditions on a very fast track. As usual, the scenery was spectacular and 118 NENSGA members enjoyed a beautiful day.

Our next event is a new venue for us at Oakland Golf Club in Oakland, Ne. on Sept.11th. We have some openings left and are presently at about 100 players.The course is a fine 18 hole established Course and very well maintained. Please contact Bill Schuele if you want to sign up. Have a great Labor Day Holiday, and be safe.

Eldorado up this Monday

Randolph was another success story. The Course was in good shape in spite the the intense heat of the prior week, and the meal was very good as well. We really enjoy Ted Stubbs and the Staff as they do an excellent job hosting NENSGA every year.

Eldorado is up this coming Monday, and all reports are that the greens are as good as anyone can remember. We look forward to another competitive tournament.

The NENSGA Cup Points are current thru Randolph, so check out your standing. Remember, payment goes to the top 5 point earners throughout the Season. It is great to win the Cup, but do not forget to keep in the top 5 to win some extra cash at the season finale.

Stay well, drive safe, and we will see you in Norfolk on Monday.

Great Tournament on a warm day at Stanton

Elkhorn Acres in Stanton proved to be a very challenging track. Low score of the day was a 2 under 70. We usually have several scores in the 60s, but with the trees and overhangs, you needed to place the ball just right. The Course was in GREAT shape, the meal was outstanding, and our host PGA Professional Reed Schellen did a super job of making NENSGA feel like Kings.

The updated NENSGA Senior Cup points thru Stanton are now posted, so check out your placing. Next up is Randolph Next Monday July 17. Be safe and we will see you there. Randolph always treats us very well!

Update On 2017 Season

Hard to Believe we have completed 7 Tournaments already. Monday June 26th will be our next event in Hartington. This is always a very well run event with many goodies and excellent food. The Course is in outstanding shape and is always a challenging track.

Please sign up for any remaining Tournaments now. We have actually ran out of stand-by teams in several tournaments already. Your chances of playing are very good, so if you wish to play a certain Course, sign up now.

The Senior cup points have been updated to reflect the totals thru Club 91. Check out and see how you stack up. It is a long season and I assure you, IT IS NOT OVER by a long ways.Keep playing as many events as you can get into, play to your ability, and things have a way of just adding up.

Travel safe, and we will see you Monday in Hartington.

Wakefield Struts Its Stuff


We had another outstanding tournament at Logan Valley Golf Club in Wakefield. We had a few late cancellations, but still turned in over 75 entries. The meal, what can I say, a Rib Eye steak cooked to perfection that literally filled the plate. As usual the staff did an outstanding job, the Course was in good shape, the weather cooperated and we had a great time.

Next up in Steepleview in Humphrey on June 5. Matt is ready for us with an always outstanding Course with a Great meal. The scores are typically low so bring your A-Game. It is a full house and we expect great weather. The NENSGA CUP points have been up-dated thru Wakefield, so check out the Web Page and see how you stack-up.

Byron Vanness had hernia surgery and will be out for awhile, Darell Dubsky is recovering after hip replacement and Keith Brehmer is recovering from Knee surgery. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Drive safely and we will see you at Steepleview in Humphrey on June 5th.

The first 3 are in the books

After a good outing at Fairplay in Norfolk, we had a hiccup. Severalinches of snow forced a re-schedule of Highland Oaks @ Ponca. Old Dane in Dakota City  proved to be a really fun challenge. In spite of being a shorter Course, its venue as a true Scottish Links Course was all we wanted and then some. The re-schedule at Ponca is now in the books and as usual it was an outstanding event.

Next up is Logan Valley in Wakefield. A fun little Course with a great staff and excellent food. That will Tee up on Monday May 22.  The Nensga Cup points are up to date through Old Dane. Feel free to go to the site and check your total points.

See you next Monday May 22 in Wakefield !!




Recap 0f 2016 and theReview of the 2017 Campaign

2016 is in the Books, and what a great year it was. We were lucky to be able to play the new Course @ Tatanka . It was everything as advertised. Beautiful vistas, an excellent test of our golf skills, and a beautiful day. We had 120 players on this Course which was rated as the Top new Resort Course in the Country . Not many golfers get the honor to play such a Course in their life time. Nebraskans are lucky to have that Opportunity.

We concluded our Season as always at the Wayne Country Club. We crowned the 2016 NENSGA CUP Champion, Bill Nickeson after a thrilling 3 hole sudden death play-off with Dennis Koopman. Both of these gentleman tied for the most points after the conclusion of the Wayne tournament. Congratulations to both of these guys on an outstanding season.

The 2017 campaign has been tentatively set at 17 Tournaments. We hope to increase your chances for playing more events by increasing our schedule. In addition, we have added a “Flex Option” which will give those Courses with limited carts to increase the number of players they can take. Our letter and membership apps will be sent out in the next week or 10 days. The letter will explain this option in more detail. The entry forms will be sent to you as your paid memberships are received. Please sign up for all the events you are certain you can attend, and leave space for others at the events you are unsure of.

We are really looking forward to this season, if you have any questions after you receive your Letter, do not hesitate to call any of your Directors and they will be happy to answer your concerns. See you soon!!