The first 3 are in the books

After a good outing at Fairplay in Norfolk, we had a hiccup. Severalinches of snow forced a re-schedule of Highland Oaks @ Ponca. Old Dane in Dakota City  proved to be a really fun challenge. In spite of being a shorter Course, its venue as a true Scottish Links Course was all we wanted and then some. The re-schedule at Ponca is now in the books and as usual it was an outstanding event.

Next up is Logan Valley in Wakefield. A fun little Course with a great staff and excellent food. That will Tee up on Monday May 22.  The Nensga Cup points are up to date through Old Dane. Feel free to go to the site and check your total points.

See you next Monday May 22 in Wakefield !!




Recap 0f 2016 and theReview of the 2017 Campaign

2016 is in the Books, and what a great year it was. We were lucky to be able to play the new Course @ Tatanka . It was everything as advertised. Beautiful vistas, an excellent test of our golf skills, and a beautiful day. We had 120 players on this Course which was rated as the Top new Resort Course in the Country . Not many golfers get the honor to play such a Course in their life time. Nebraskans are lucky to have that Opportunity.

We concluded our Season as always at the Wayne Country Club. We crowned the 2016 NENSGA CUP Champion, Bill Nickeson after a thrilling 3 hole sudden death play-off with Dennis Koopman. Both of these gentleman tied for the most points after the conclusion of the Wayne tournament. Congratulations to both of these guys on an outstanding season.

The 2017 campaign has been tentatively set at 17 Tournaments. We hope to increase your chances for playing more events by increasing our schedule. In addition, we have added a “Flex Option” which will give those Courses with limited carts to increase the number of players they can take. Our letter and membership apps will be sent out in the next week or 10 days. The letter will explain this option in more detail. The entry forms will be sent to you as your paid memberships are received. Please sign up for all the events you are certain you can attend, and leave space for others at the events you are unsure of.

We are really looking forward to this season, if you have any questions after you receive your Letter, do not hesitate to call any of your Directors and they will be happy to answer your concerns. See you soon!!

The Home Stretch Begins!!!!!

We have completed play on all the truly great 9 hole Courses on our schedule and are starting the home stretch of 3 really fine, challenging 18 Hole Gems.

Tatanka is the first up Aug 29, this coming Monday followed by Indian Trails at Beemer and the finale at Wayne CC.

Tatanka has been rated as the Top Rated New Resort Course in the United States by Golf Magazine. It is truly a BEAUTIFUL Course. While it is challenging, it is a fair test of Golf. You will remember this NENSGA event for a long,long time.Please remember this is a very professional run Course, and there is a strict Dress code enforced. No Demin of any kind, and a collared shirt are required..

Please check out the NENSGA Cup points for updates. It is up to date and very,very close at this time. Please remember the Top 5 places receive rewards, with the First place winner also getting the NENSGA SENIOR CUP designation.

See you all at Tatanka!! Drive safely

Computer Mania sidetracks Newsletter

The last 2 events were not reported on because oldduffernensga blew up! The new email is now The old e-mail is resting somewhere in cyberland.

The tournament at Club 91 in Leigh was a huge success, again! Great Course, great food, and a great host in Marybeth. It was an absolute beautiful day to play golf.

The next event was at a familiar Course with a new Host. Matt did an outstanding job at Steepleview in Humphrey. Once again, we had a good day for Golf and an excellent meal.

We just completed Randolph with all the same results…….. except for the wind!! In spite of that, a very, very, fine 63 was recorded by Tim Lindquist and Jerry Nelson. Were are indeed blessed to have so many EXCELLENT venues to return to every year, with NO surprises. Our next event is July 25 at Eldorado in Norfolk. Bill tells me the course is as good as he has seen it. Considering the winter-kill of a couple years ago, I am really looking forward to playing the Course once again. Rumor has it that Barbeque Ribs will be back!

I have up-dated the Senior Cup points thru Leigh, and will up-date again this week to include Randolph. Don’t fret Dennis, for some reason the page has developed a glitch, but if you search down the page, you will notice Dennis Koopman is leading with 115 points! As always, this is going down the stretch again with many players with-in easy striking range.

I will be current now for the duration, as long as the computer minions leave me alone. Drive safely and we will see you @ Eldorado July 25.


The new Management at Humphrey Rocks !

With a new manager, Steepleview was as good as every. A very good meal, the course was very good, and the weather cooperated for a very competitive event.

Flights were as follows:

1st  Leon Bender & Bill Nickeson with a smooth 67, this was a tie breaker with Dan Huss and John Doggett also with a 67 as well

2nd  Doug Lute  &  Steve Urwiler with a 72 , There were 4 others teams with 72 as well

3rd  Sam Knepper & John Winter with a 76 , there were also 4 teams with 76 as well

4th  Dennis Helphrey & Frank Wiley with a 79, they won a play-off With Verlin Hingst and Byron Vanness who also shot 79.

The next event is at Club 91 in Leigh , Ne on Monday June 20th. We will follow that up a week later , June 27th at Hartington. Mark your calenders! The NENSGA Senior Cup Points are up to date and posted . Check them out to see how you stand. Also be sure and check that you are signed up for these tournaments by checking on-line at www.nensga .com and clicking on the 2016 Schedule. Then pick the event , and check the roster.

See you at Leigh, drive safe!

Another Great Venue At Wakefield

The weather held, it turned out to be a beautiful day at Logan Valley Golf Club in Wakefield. Flight winners were Dennis Koopman and Harold Shroeder ; Hart Vollers and Steven R. Smith ; and Milt Palas and Erv Fuscher. Congrats!!!!

Next up is  Humphrey on June 6, this is always a really good event and this year I see no different outcome as well. Remember to check out the NENSGA Rules posted on our Website, I still have Members that do not understand the cancellation policy. These rules are IMPORTANT to know. Just go to the tournament rules and click on them.

The NENSGA Cup points are up-dated and posted  on the Web as well. It is already getting heated and as usual will probably go right to the wire. Bring your A game to Humphrey, and drive safely, see you on June 6

The New NENSGA Season is Off and Running

We are very pleased with the start of the 2016 season. The new sign up procedure designed by Brad Penlerick and implemented by Bill Schuele has really simplified the process at the first couple of tournaments.

First place winners at Elkhorn Acres in Stanton were Ralph Zeisler & Dan Fernau, Byron Vanness & Jimmy Jorgensen, and Bruce Lundahl & Dennis Koopman.

First place winners at Highland Oaks in Ponca were Dennis Koopman & Harold Schroeder, Rick Sterkel & Allen Smith and Gary Johnson & Richard Preuss.

Next up is Fairplay in Norfolk on May 16. Please note, that this is a scramble format NOT the modified best ball that was printed in error on the entry form.

There are still a few openings at Indian Trails in Beemer, check your schedule and see if it will work for you. We will have a guest four-some from the Central Nebraska Senior Golf Assoc. join us again this year. They really enjoyed our event last year, and “think” they can do better this year!! Please Welcome them to the NENSGA family when you encounter them.

We will see you all Monday May 16 at Fairplay. Hit em straight and drive safely.



Happy New Year NENSGA Members !!!

We are starting our 7th year in 2016, and every year has been better than the last. Membership is up, attendance is up, and the Golf Courses are doing a Great job of hosting our Tournaments.

In 2016, there will be one very important change in the way we set up our Tournaments. We have listened to the Membership , and have concluded that we need to simplify our entry process. Starting this coming 2016 campaign, all entries will be sent to Bill Schuele, our Vice President. There will be no need to contact each Course for any reason, Bill will handle entries, cancellations, finding replacements, or any other questions concerning the Tournaments.

When you receive yours entry forms, you will notice that all entry forms will have the same address to return your entry form and checks, and one (1) phone number to call if the need arises, such as cancellations, etc.We have also up-dated the Web Page, You will be able to go to the 2016 Tournament page, and click on the entries received for each Tournament, and it will reflect who has sent in their entries, and if needed, who is on stand by.

THIS IS IMPORTANT !! For those of you that which to send in entries for multiple Tournaments, you MUST send separate checks for each Tournament you wish to enter. You CANNOT send 1 large check to cover all of those events. You CAN send 1 check to cover you and your partner for each Tournament (encouraged !), or you can each send a separate check and entry form as done in the past. THE CHECKS MUST BE MADE OUT TO THE GOLF COURSES as in the past.

If you do not use computers, please call Bill or myself and we will confirm your status. Please allow 3-4 days after you mail your entries for Bill to receive them and post your names. As most of you are aware, it would be wise to mail your entries at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

Gary Bellingtier

Executive Secretary


Elkhorn Acres Golf Tournament

NENSGA’s 8th season will kick off with the tournament at Elkhorn Acres Golf Course in Stanton on July 10th, 2017!  This tournament is limited to 78 players.  If you’d like to join us, the entry fee is $43. Click here to sign up!

You can check the table below to see if your entry form has been received as well how many spots are left!


2017 NENSGA Senior Cup Point Standings

The 2017 NENSGA Golf Season will begin on April 24, 2017. When it does, you can keep track of the current point standings here! The golfer with the highest score will be awarded the coveted NENSGA Senior Cup!  To see previous winners, click here.

Leon Bender200*** 2017 Champion in Playoff
Gary Schoepf200
Brad Penlerick180
Monte Miller180
Bill Nickeson175
Doug Wagner170
Jim Fairbanks160
Ron Nelson160
Jim Jorgenson150
Kim Grubaugh150
Byron Vanness140
Verlin Hingst130
Paul Warneke130
Russ Whitmore125
Sam Knepper125
Mike Siemsgluzs120
Denny Koopman120
Rex Hoffart120
Terry Lutt120
Steve Humburg115
Harold Schroeder115
John Winter110
Marv Grinvold110
Jim Doolittle110
Doug Pinkley105
Larry Jenkins105
Don Schmidt105
Jim Lund105
Ron Willers105
Gary Bellingtier105
Jerry Nelson100
Steve Sill100
Allen Smith100
Rick Lindquist95
Hart Vollers95
Mike Taege95
LeRoy Hansen95
Jim Bierman95
John Pile90
Gary Tiedgen90
Bruce Lundahl90
Don Weyhrich85
Gary Murren85
Dennis Utecht85
Mark Freudenburg80
Roger Borgman80
Ken Wichman80
Glen McCumber80
Rick Sterkel80
Gene Granquist80
Barry Meyer75
Jim Broer70
Milt Pallas70
Dale Hixson65
Doug Seegebarth65
Jerry Johnson65
Gary Johnston65
Terry Erb65
Rod Hall65
Roger Oursland60
Bill Schuele55
Larry Hansen55
Greg Urwiler55
Joe McCoy55
Randy Larson55
Jim Recob55
Rob Howell55
Mel Heimann50
Dwight Lienemann50
Gary Baumert50
Dave Walters50
Richard Preuss50
Mark Luebe50
Terry Beck50
Tim Thor45
Brian Anderson45
Steve Smith45
Dave Anderson45
Keith Clarkson45
Dan Bower45
Dave Andrews45
Jim Claussen40
Jim Grant40
Ken Fineran40
Ed Loontjer40
Tim Lindquist40
Duane Thalken40
Erv Lenser40
Dennis Gangwish40
Dan Kathol35
Dean Meyer35
Terry Nicholson35
Roger Waldo35
Bob Hopp35
Jim Harmon35
Rick Frederichsen35
Mike Tibbels35
Gary Strong35
Lee Kathol35
Tim Haley35
Ron Schilling35
Tommie Ziehmer35
Charlie Woods30
Ron Brinkman30
Gary Duranski30
Don Muhle25
Mike Hammond25
Frank Wiley25
Randy Spahn25
Dave Mausbach25
Jack Mahler25
Steve McManigal25
Steven Porter25
Randy Lutt25
Dennis Helphrey25
Blainr Gaer20
Larry Bartscher20
Erv Fuscher20
Art Reinhart20
Keith Brehmer20
Mert Toelle20
Bill McCoy15
Al Collison15
John Dogget15
Paul Steffen15
Dave Unger15
John Sehi15
Mike Smith15
Barry Martinson10
Steve Lieckus10
Don Kampschneder10
Steve Warner10
Randy Praeuner10
Mert Hahne10
Ron Pfeifer10
Darrell Buhl10
Mike Meyer10
Frank Korth10
Keith Menard05
Lynn Moeller05
Terry Luhr05
John Strom05
Ron Johnson05
Dean Benson05
Robert Schense05