Another Great Venue At Wakefield

The weather held, it turned out to be a beautiful day at Logan Valley Golf Club in Wakefield. Flight winners were Dennis Koopman and Harold Shroeder ; Hart Vollers and Steven R. Smith ; and Milt Palas and Erv Fuscher. Congrats!!!!

Next up isĀ  Humphrey on June 6, this is always a really good event and this year I see no different outcome as well. Remember to check out the NENSGA Rules posted on our Website, I still have Members that do not understand the cancellation policy. These rules are IMPORTANT to know. Just go to the tournament rules and click on them.

The NENSGA Cup points are up-dated and postedĀ  on the Web as well. It is already getting heated and as usual will probably go right to the wire. Bring your A game to Humphrey, and drive safely, see you on June 6