2018 IS A WRAP !!

The 2018 NENSGA season is now in the books. It was a 17 Tournament season with only a couple of weather hiccups. Your Board of Directors will now begin to plan the 2019 Campaign in earnest. We hope to have the schedule set and the mailings out by mid February. This year we will go back to having 1 first come sign up period as we had in the past. So, plan your strategy with your partner now so as to be on top of getting your entries in as soon as possible. Remember, the entry forms will be mailed as soon as your membership applications and dues are returned . We WILL NOT accept membership applications prior to the mailing. We also WILL NOT post the schedule until after the mailings are sent out. That way, everyone has an equal opportunity to get their entries turned in. The only way we can be fair about this whole process is First in, First on the list and so forth. Please enter all you want to play even if you think you can not get in. We had almost all Tournaments go down 4 or more stand-by teams that ended up getting a spot. Some Tournaments went 7 or 8 deep.

The 2018 NENSGA Senior Cup Winner was Leon Bender! He won a play-off With past winner and partner Bill Nickeson to secure his 2nd Championship. If you see Leon , please congratulate him on an outstanding season. Of interest is the fact that the top 10 places were separated by a mere 35 points!

Thanks to all our Members for your support and we hope to see you ALL next season.

Your Board Of Directors