Computer Mania sidetracks Newsletter

The last 2 events were not reported on because oldduffernensga blew up! The new email is now The old e-mail is resting somewhere in cyberland.

The tournament at Club 91 in Leigh was a huge success, again! Great Course, great food, and a great host in Marybeth. It was an absolute beautiful day to play golf.

The next event was at a familiar Course with a new Host. Matt did an outstanding job at Steepleview in Humphrey. Once again, we had a good day for Golf and an excellent meal.

We just completed Randolph with all the same results…….. except for the wind!! In spite of that, a very, very, fine 63 was recorded by Tim Lindquist and Jerry Nelson. Were are indeed blessed to have so many EXCELLENT venues to return to every year, with NO surprises. Our next event is July 25 at Eldorado in Norfolk. Bill tells me the course is as good as he has seen it. Considering the winter-kill of a couple years ago, I am really looking forward to playing the Course once again. Rumor has it that Barbeque Ribs will be back!

I have up-dated the Senior Cup points thru Leigh, and will up-date again this week to include Randolph. Don’t fret Dennis, for some reason the page has developed a glitch, but if you search down the page, you will notice Dennis Koopman is leading with 115 points! As always, this is going down the stretch again with many players with-in easy striking range.

I will be current now for the duration, as long as the computer minions leave me alone. Drive safely and we will see you @ Eldorado July 25.