Down the Stretch we go!!!!!

We are starting the final leg of the 2014 Tour. We end this season with four 18 hole courses. Indian Trails at Beemer, Fairplay at Norfolk, and the Wayne CC in Wayne. The NENSGA SENIOR CUP is up for Grabs, and these final 3 venues will determine who takes the $$$$$ and Title of NENSGA SENIOR CUP CHAMPION-2014. Also remember, there are cash rewards for 2nd thru 5th places as well, so if you are anywhere in the middle of the pack, these last 3 events could make the difference. Hit em long and straight fellas and we will see you in Beemer Thursday Aug. 28th.

Hartington, El Dorado, And Laurel

I have been derelict in writing these articles. With the rain out at Hartington, and Tournaments 3 weeks in a row because of the make-up date, I got behind. Needless to say, they were all a Great success. We are putting up record numbers, the Scores have been very,very competitive in every flight, and we seem to have new faces cashing checks every week. This is what we really had hoped would develop when we started this Association.

The Tour has picked up many new members and we have Courses wanting us to bring the NENSGA Tour to their locations every Year. We have some really cool possibilities next year, but will cover them at a later date.

Please continue to talk the NENSGA story to your friends, they will thank You for getting them involved. Please note, That Summerland is now Full. Dorretta will take names for those who wish to be on the cancellation back-up. First come first served! See y’all atEwing on the !8th.