Another great turn out at Club 91

On a stormy day that turned tragically deadly in Pilger, NENSGA completed play at Club 91 in Leigh, Ne. Our Minds and prayers were in Pilger and the surrounding area as we completed our Tournament.MariBeth ran a great tournament with an outstanding meal. Scores were good for the stormy windy conditions, and play was delayed for a little over an hour, but we got it in before any additional rain.

Dave Claussen and Russ Mckillip shot the best round at 66 to take the First flight. a 75 by Kampscneider and Blum took the second flight, A 79 by Zeisler and Lutt took the third, and Hoffart and Doolittle took the fourth with an 84. The Golf Courses are still struggling with winter kill, but every week we see big improvement. Hartington is about 95% and should be a really good track. The tournament is full, and Randolph has a few openings left, so send your entries today to ensure your place.

NENSGA had several people in harms way from the storms. I am not in tune with everyone, but I know that Barry Meyer and his Family were safe after quite a scare, as the tornados were headed directly at his home. His Partner, Steve Sill did have his farm take a direct hit, and his renter was in the Basement and was OK.Steve said that insurance will cover his losses, so he is grateful no one was hurt. If we have other members who had damage, please let us know so we can see if we can help in any way.

So we are on to Hartington, and I am anxious to see everyone again. A crisis always pulls us together, and this is no exception!

Steepleview at Humphrey was another Huge Success

Humphrey was another great venue for NENSGA. We had 86 members play, and did a marvelous job of moving right along. It is a testament to our members the way we step up and get things done.Thanks to all for your diligence and class!!

Dave Tremain and John Pile won this event with the lowest score this season, a very fine 64! In addition we 14 teams shoot sub par rounds. It is noteworthy as well, that all 4 flights were extremely competitive. Anybody, and I do mean Anybody can win in any flight on any given day. Again, a testament to our members talent.

It is on to Club 91 in Leigh. I stopped in there last week, and the greens are really coming on. There has been a lot of rumors about Leigh, but Maribeth is ready for the NENSGA Boys!! In addition, the re-seeded appears to have been a success. If not 100%, they will be close. Remember, our 9 hole courses need our Tournaments more than ever, with the tough Winter we had. NENSGA had made it a Mission Statement when we started, to make this a fun a profitable event for both parties!! These Courses are working hard to make this happen for us, and we owe it to them to support them as much as possible.

The updated NENSGA CUP POINTS are now on the Web, Check out your position, and plot your course of action, it WILL BE A DOG FIGHT!!