And Down the Stretch they Go !!!!!!!!!

We are headed to the last tournament of the year. Sad in a way, but what a great season we had this year. Summerland at Ewing was everything it was advertised! A really fun and challenging Golf Course in GREAT shape. The meal was and continues to be one of the top in our rotation , with Ice Cream and brownies to top it Off.We had 9 scores under par and a ton of ties in every flight. It is a testament to how your Organization has thought it’s way through the many decisions to make these events competitive in every flight.

Next up is the finale at Wayne Country Club. Troy ALWAYS puts on the Dog for NENSGA. There will be added Money to the pot, A Really Great Steak Dinner, and as usual NENSGA will throw in a few $$ also. There is a guarantee of only 72 players at this time due to the Cart situation . Troy would like to have everyone call for their reservation by Next Wednesday!! We will also have a short meeting afterwards to gather ideas and suggestions for next Year. Please plan on attending if possible.

It Really looks like we will have some play-offs for the NENSGA SENIOR CUP. We will have a Tee area on the !st hole some 140-150 yards out and will have sudden death play-offs for all places where needed. This will take place right after the placings are done. WOW !! What a GREAT race this has been, and Congratulations to all who are in contention. Good Luck to all.

I have up-dated the points, so take a look and Encourage those players in the Hunt when you see them. They have battled and attended almost every event to get where they are.

Twin Creek produces another Record !!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Our own Bob Rainer and Randy Simonsen scorched Twin Creek at Pender for a new NENSGA record score of 62!!!!!! It was a beautiful day for golf, we had a good turn out, great fellowship and a good meal. Life is good at a NENSGA event.

So we have 2 Tournaments left, and the NENSGA SENIOR CUP is getting wild. We have SEVERAL people that can win this prestegious title, and many more that can finish in the $$$$$$. Remember, we are paying 5 places in the final Points race this year. I have up-dated the points, so check it out. A note,we have so many players scoring points this year, we ran out of table. There are 7 members that i will add as soon as the WebMaster updates the table.

Next up is Summerland in Ewing on Aug.27 This is a beautiful Course that is always in great shape. A fun, challenging course for sure. Please get your entries in ASAP. This tournament WILL BE CAPPED AT 66 PLAYERS!!! They have only so many carts available and it has become too expensive to bring in Carts. Do not be late, and miss your chance at points in this tight race.


Randolph a Huge Success, Your Editor not so !!!!!

Randolph hosted a great tournament with scoring conditions ideal. We had a score of 63 !!!!!!! which won the whole enchilada. Many scores in the 60’s and several in the under par 70’s. The Course was really in great shape for the conditions we have endured this Summer. A great meal was prepared and as usual we enjoyed fellowship with fellow NENSGA members. A big Thank You to Russ Jensen and the Board for a really nice Tournament.

Your editor is not so successful!! The Tournament schedule page on the Web Site is NOT CORRECT!!!!!!!! Our next tournament is in Pender on AUGUST 13. Not the 23rd. Please make a note. Also , The Next tournament is on AUGUST 27 at Ewing, not Aug. 30. I will have that corrected soon on the Web Site.

Again,  our next 2 Tournaments are Pender on Aug. 13 and Ewing on Aug. 27

I have updated the NENSGA SENIOR CUP POINTS, take a look, it is what we have hoped for, many people have a shot at this  Honor this year. We have 3 tied at the top and many lurkers waiting to make their move. Plan your strategy now, only 3 tournaments left.