ElDorado Hills sets a new record for NENSGA

68 players,(34 teams) played ElDorado Hills on June 26!! This set the tournament record for entries at any NENSGA Tournament. It is a testament to our members,our Organization,and our Golf Courses in NorthEast Nebraska. As is always the case, the competition was intense. We had 5 teams score under par on a very good Course. We had several new members sign up at this venue, and a few of them scored points in the NENSGA SENIOR CUP Competition. As a matter of fact 1 of these new teams won the First flight! We now have over 80 members scoring points for this Pretegious Award. That in itself is a clue to the talent we have in our Membership. The Staff at ElDorado Hills were great, we paid out over $1,000 in placings and flag prizes. And, had a magnificent Slab of St. Louie style Ribs for our meal. All in All it was a Fantastic Event.

So, now it is on to Laurel’s Cedar View Golf Course, which promises to be a real test of our Golfing Skills.This Tournament is on July 10. Please get your entries in ASAP so the Staff can prepare. This very well could be a sell out as we are capped at 66 players. If you have aspirations of competing for the NENSGA SENIOR CUP CHAMPIONSHIP, do not be dis-appointed by not making the cut. Mail your entry Today. I will post more about this fine Course next week as well as an update on entries received.



We had a really great time at Logan Valley Golf Club in Wakefield. This proved to be a very fun track in very good shape. Thanks and Kudos to the staff and Billy our newest member and Course Superintendent. Scoring was good in spite of a steady 25 + mph wind.We had 4 scores in the sixties and paid 3 flights. As usual, the competition was intense. If you are going to play in a NENSGA Tournament, be prepared to bring your lunch!!!! Speaking of lunch, a superb stuffed Chicken Breast to die for!! Of course we had all the trimmings as well.

So, It is now on to Eldorado Hills in Norfolk. This quality 18 hole Course is in absolutely prime condition. We have a special treat in store for lunch with Sl.Louis Ribs and all the fixings.If you have not signed up yet, please do so ASAP so they can order the Ribs. This will be a Cash Pay-Out as well.Remember, this is NEXT Tuesday June 26, time is short!!! I have up-dated the NENSGA SENIOR CUP POINTS, If you want to be in the running come September, sign up now for all the Tournaments you can. This will go down to the last event!! Don’t let a missed Tournament decide this Senior Cup Champion. See you in Norfolk June 26.

Info on Logan Valley and ElDorado!!!!

I stopped at Wakefield the other day and Gentlemen,they are planning a great event. There will be free stuff, flag prizes, and a great meal planned.It is a new venue for NENSGA so let’s show our stuff. If you are considering but have not signed up yet, please do so now, You will be glad you did!!!

Eldorado Hills on the 26th is also going to be a really good event. They have the Course in as good shape as it has been in several years. They also have planned on many additional ideas to make this a must have tournament every year. They will be paying out in cash which is also a big plus. My understanding is they have a Barbeque Rib Dinner with all the trimmings lined up for us also. Please start calling now to reserve your spot at this outstanding tournament. Do not miss either of these events!!


Steepleview A Huge Success, On to Wakefield!

We had a great turn out for Humphrey, and the scores did go low. We had 8 scores in the 60’s and 14 scores under Par. We had 3 flights and paid 4 places in each flight, as well as many flag prizes. As usual, Janet treated us well. The Steak dinner was excellent. Our entries continue to get better, so really pay attention to getting your forms in early for each tournament you wish to play. Next up in Wakefield, a new course for us, it is a┬ávery pretty little course with a great Clubhouse. This is June 19, so get your entries in now to assure a spot. This is the home course for a couple of our regulars, Bill Zeisler, and Terry Lutt. Will they share the secrects to scoring on their course? Don’t know.

We have 64 players scoring points so far in the Nensga Senior Cup race,and it is already a dog-fight. Remember, 5 places will be paid this year in addition to crowning our Champion. You can go to the Web Site for updated point totals. Let’s keep this momentum going and show up big at Logan Valley Golf Couse in Wakefield June 19!!!!!!