Hartington Our First Full Tourney

Hartington was a filled tournament with 31 teams, (62 players)!! A first for us

and a harbinger of things to come. Sure it was a tad breezy, but as usual the

competition was intense.The Hartington Club put on a great event, with flag

prizes,free balls,3 flights paying down 5 places, GREAT food, and a snack at

the turn. There were a numbers of new points earners and we are in the + 50

range for guys scoring points. I have them posted for your review, I am still new

at this format, so if your screen does not show the points in order, all you need to

do is click on the points icon above the table. The up arrow will sort them in ascending

order, and the down arrow will sort them in descending order.


Let’s get our entries in to Humphrey, and give Janet some time to plan ahead. This will

be another great venue with a Steak Supper and lots of prizes. The scoring will go low,

so bring your A Game. June 5, be there or be Square!!



Ponca a Huge success, On to Hartington!!!

Ponca was as good as advertised. The Golf was great, the food was excellent, as usual, and the turn-out was great with 26 teams. That is the best yet for Ponca. we paid 3 flights and points were award for all flights as usual. You may go to the Nensga Senior Cups section on this site and see the current standings.It is really exciting that there are SEVERAL NEW MEMBERS scoring points this week. Show your friends how they too can participate by turning them on to this Website or bt handing them an application today!

Hartington is up next up on Tuesday May 22. This is always a top notch event, the crew there really puts on the Dog for NENSGA. Please,Please note that this event is limited to 30 teams, 60 players!! We were really close to that at Ponca, so get your entries in NOW to avoided being shut out. If they get 60, members will be notified by phone that the tournament is full. Have a Great Week, and we will see you in HARTINGTON.



Countdown to Ponca

We are almost there, just 6 days until our first tournament at Ponca. The field

is going to be strong, and entries are coming in at a very good pace. We are

at 42 already and the last week is historically strong. This is a very good trend,

for NENSGA and it’s members. The pay-outs will be good and the competition

will be fierce. Remember, We will be paying 5 places this year in the season

long NENSGA Senior Cup competition. Continue to encourage yours friends

to join our Organization, they will Thank You for the Invite.Drive safe and have

a GREAT Tournament at Highland Oaks, Ponca.