A Heavy Heart

It is with a heavy heart that I bring this news to you. A long time NENSGA member will not be with us this coming year.

Milt Palas passed away this winter. Most of you knew Milt and his partner Erv Fuchser, and everyone enjoyed them a great deal. They also had a smile and a handshake for anyone. I smile when I recall their standing bet with Dean Meyer and Larry Bartscher, good for a beer after each tournament to the low team. Milt will be greatly missed by anybody who was lucky enough to cross his path!

There is also good news to share, Bill Zeisler will be back with us this year after a long struggle with some health issues. He will take up where Milt left off and pair with Erv in the 2018 campaign. Many of you know Bill and remember him as one of our NENSGA Cup winners. I for one look forward to shaking Bill’s hand a welcome him back to our NENSGA Family.



Substitute Golfers for Tournaments

Steve bierhauBelow is a list of NENSGA members willing to be substitute golfers for tournaments.

1Allen Smith402-254-9251605-760-3120
2Gary Tiedgen402-316-7800402-860-2653
3Steve Bierhaus402-379-1035402-992-4052
4Lee Kathol402-598-6924
5Roger Borgman402-644-0024
6David Mauch402-750-8387
7Allen Thornberg402-386-5571
8Ron Pfeifer402-428-3375402-920-2139
9Darrel Dexter402-482-5597402-340-2931
10Frank Korth402-379-1249402-860-5588
11Randy Spahn402-750-8835
12Gene Granquist402-841-4269
13Barry Martinson402-635-9009712-251-0725
14Ken Wichman402-841-3147
15Keith Brehmer402-385-3169402-992-1996
16Marlin Krohn402-841-0591
17Jim Kuchar402-371-0355402-992-1400
18Larry Smalley402-371-5818402-649-3247
19Michael Salmon402-369-0263
20Warren Reimer402-379-2348 home402-371-5640 office
21Steven Stover402-640-7083
22Ray Lowry402-371-64256402-640-6696
23Randy Lutt402-369-3714
Danny Buckendahl402-750-2308
Gene Case402-371-2565402-922-0329


2018 NENSGA Senior Cup Point Standings

The 2018 NENSGA Golf Season will begin on April 30, 2018. When it does, you can keep track of the current point standings here! The golfer with the highest score will be awarded the coveted NENSGA Senior Cup!  To see previous winners, click here.

Gary Schoepf90
Ron Nelson90
Larry Hansen80

Terry Lutt80
Gary Strong75
Jim Lund75
Jim Harmon75
Larry Jenkins75
Doug Pinkley75
Garry Murren65
Bill Schuele65
Gary Bellingtier65
Dwight Linnemann65
Dennis Utecht65
Paul Steffen60
Alan Johnson60
Jim Recob60
Joe McCoy60
Rick Fredrichsen60
Lynn Moeller55
Gene Granquist55
Charlie Woods55
Rob Merrill45
Brad Penlerick45
Doug Seegebarth45
Mark Luebe45
Gary Tiedgen45
Sam Knepper45
John Winter45
Monty Miller45
Ken Kurtenbach40
Terry Baker40
Dan Bowers40
Darrel Dubsky40
Don Schmidt40
Larry Bartscher40
Dave Anderson40
Keith Clarkson40
Leon Bender35
Bill Nicheson35
Keith Brehmer35
Paul Warneke35
Roger Borgman35
Jim Fairbanks35
Dave Blum30
Mert Toelle30
Erv Lenser30
Ken Fineran30
Dave Dostal30
Steve Humburg30
Jim Bierman30
John Sehi30
Mike Smith30
Mike Siemsglusz30
Steve Sill30
Barry Meyer30
Tim Thor25
Brian Anderson25
Bruce Lundahl25
Rick Sterkel25
Terry Luhr25
Jim Doolittle25
Rex Hoffart25
Mike Haase25
Harold Schroeder25
Mike Taege25
Dennis Koopman25
Allen Thorberg25
Ivan Pfiefer25
Greg Urwiler25
Doug Wagner25
Hart Vollers25
Jim Claussen25
Jim Grant25
Don Weyhrich20
Gary Duranski20
Ron Schilling20
Allen Smith20
Ron Willers20
Frank Korth20
Mark Freudenburg20
Dave Andrews20
Jim Broer20
Tom Tiedgen20
Dean Meyer20
Frank Wiley20
Dennis Helphrey20
David Mauch20
Jerry Nelson20
Tom Ziehmer20
Gary Baumert15
LeRoy Hansen15
Bob Hopp15
Rob Howell15
Dale Hixson15
Wayne Uman15
Terry Erb15
Verlin Hingst15
Byron Vanness15
Larry Bender15
Darrel Buhl15
Red Thalken15
Mert Hahne15
Dave Geilenkirchen15
Reg Linder15
Gary Johnston15
Darrel Dexter10
Blaine Gaer10
Jeff Temme10
Steve Warner10
Dennis Gangwish10
Al Collison10
John Pile10
Lee Kathol10
Dan Kathol10
Glen Macumber05
Russ Whitmore05
Dave Oppliger05
Rick Lindquist05
Dave Walter05
Roger Feuerbacher05
Roger Oursland05
Roger Lueth05

Pierce Community Golf Tournament

Pierce Community Golf Course in Pierce will host the NENSGA tournament on August 27th, 2018.  This tournament is limited to 78 golfers.  The entry fee is $45.  To sign up, click here.

You can check the table below to see if your entry form has been received as well as how many spots are left!

1Bill SchueleYGary BellingtierY
2Brad PenlerickYMonti MillerY
3LeRoy HansenYRob HowellY
4Terry LuttYAlan JohnsonY
5Mert ToelleYLynn MoellerY
6Doug WagnerYJim GrantY
7Dale HixsonYTerry ErbY
8Mark FreudenburgYTerry Becky
9Frank KorthYDave KorthY
10Jim BroerYTerry BakerY
11Alllen ThorbergYJeff TemmeY
12Ted KurtenbachYChuck KurtenbachY
13Roger BorgmanYAl CollisonY
14Steve Stover

YBill McCoyY
15Larry HansenYCharlie WoodsY
16Gene GranquistYRob MerrillY
17Rex HoffartYRandy AcklieY
18Don WeyhrichYMike TaegeY
19John SehiYPat BoyleY
20Jim BiermanYDave AndrewsY
21Gary BaumertYDuane ThalkenY
22Jim LundYDoug PinkleyY
23Larry JenkinsYDarrell DubskyY
24Byron VannessYVerlan HingstY
25Jim FairbanksYPaul WarnekeY
26Terry PetersonYDaniel TanksleyY
27Wayne UmanYDarrell DenkerY
28Gene PoppeYEvan RennerfeldtY
29R. Chris WhitmoreYReg LindnerY
30Steve SillYBarry MeyerY
31Dennis KoopmanYHarold SchroederY
32Hart VollersYGreg UrwillerY
33Leon BenderYBill NickesonY
34John WinterYSam KnepperY
35Frank WileyYDennis HelphreyY
36Rick FredrichsenYPaul SteffenY
37Dennis UtechtYGarry MurrenY
38Jim JorgensonYRuss WhitmoreY
39Gary JohnstonYDave GeilenkirchenY
40Rick Lindquist Y Rick SterkelY
41Jim RecogYJoe McCoyY
42Dean MeyerYTom Ziemer Y
441. Bruce LundahlY TBDY
452.Gary SchoepfYRon NelsonY
463.Gary StrongYJim HarmonY
474.Dan Minten YDean BullermanY
485.Bill ZeislerYErv FuscherY
496.Keith BrehmerYBlaine GaerY
507.Ron Brinkman YKent WeborgY
518.Dan Bowers YDwight LienemannY
529.Steve HumburgYMike SiemsgluszY
5310. Dave DostalYDave BlumY
5411.Jeff HartungYGary AndersonY
5512.Dave KatholYLee KatholY
5613. Erv LenserYKen FineranY
5714.Mike TibbelsYLaMarr GibsonY
5815.Steve PorterYSteve WarnerY
5916.Gary TiedgenY David MauchY
6017. Jim KucharYGreg SchmidtY

Atkinson-Stuart Country Club Tournament

Atkinson-Stuart Country Club in Atkinson will host the tournament on July 9, 2018!  This tournament is limited to 78 players.  If you’d like to join us, the entry fee is $45. Click here to sign up!

You can check the table below to see if your entry form has been received as well how many spots are left!

1Bill SchueleYGary BellingtierY
2Brad PenlerickYMonte MillerY
3LeRoy HansenYRob HowellY
4Terry LuttYAlan JohnsonN
5Mert ToelleYLynn MoellerY
6 W/D W/D
7Don WeyhrichYMike TaegeY
8Rick SterkelYRick LindquistY
9Gary SchoepfYRon NelsonY
10 W/D W/D
11John WinterYSam KnepperY
12Jim JorgensenYRuss WhitmoreY
13Jim Harmon YGary StrongY
14Rob MerrillYGene GranquistY
15Jim HubelYDarrel DexterY
16Larry JenkinsYDarrel DubskyY
17Steve HumburgYBill McCoyY
18Dale HixonYTerry ErbY
19Charlie WoodsYLarry HansenY
20Jim LundYDoug PinkleyY
21Red ThalkenYGary BaumertY
22Jim BiermsnYDave AndrewsY
23Frank KorthYMark FreudenburgY
24Byron VannessYRon PfeiferY
25Erv LenserYKen Fineran Y
26Gary TiedgenYDavid MauchY
27Dean MeyerYLarry BartscherY
28Gary JohnstonYDave GeilenkirchenY
29Gary AndersonYJeff HartungY
30Jim FairbanksYPaul WarnekeY
31Dan Bowers YDwight LienemannY
32Rick FriedrichsenYPaul SteffenY
33Garry MurrenYDennis UtechY
34Hart VollersYGreg UrwilerY
35Robert HohensteinYPreston Nelson
36Harold SchroederYDenny KoopmanY
37 W/D W/D
38Glen MacumberYRoger OurslandY
39Allen ThorbergYJeff TemmeY

The 2017 Campaign in The Books, Very Successful Season Again

The 2017 season is now history. The conclusion was delayed a week due to inclement weather, but the re-schedule at Wayne was a Great Day.

Leon Bender is your 2017 NENSGA SENIOR CUP CHAMPION with a play-off win over prior Champion Gary Schoepf. Very exciting finish just as we always hope for. There were 11 players that could have cashed in on the 5 placings!! Congratulations to Leon, and to the other 4 members who cash in.

We have up-dated the NENSGA CUP final points standings for your viewing pleasure on that page on the Web. The fall meetings have begun, and a tremendous amount of progress has already been made on the 2018 Schedule as well as other issues that needed attention. There will be some changes next year, so please pay careful attention to the Members Letter that will be sent along with the 2018 Membership application. Those should go out in The middle of January, and the entry forms will go out as usual as soon as the 2018 Membership apps are received.

We hope you all have a safe off season. The entire Board Of Directors wishes everyone a Blessed Christmas Season, and hope to see you all next Spring!!!


Schedule Change, Tatanka Recap


Tatanka was again a real treat for NENSGA members. We played under Ideal conditions on a very fast track. As usual, the scenery was spectacular and 118 NENSGA members enjoyed a beautiful day.

Our next event is a new venue for us at Oakland Golf Club in Oakland, Ne. on Sept.11th. We have some openings left and are presently at about 100 players.The course is a fine 18 hole established Course and very well maintained. Please contact Bill Schuele if you want to sign up. Have a great Labor Day Holiday, and be safe.

Eldorado up this Monday

Randolph was another success story. The Course was in good shape in spite the the intense heat of the prior week, and the meal was very good as well. We really enjoy Ted Stubbs and the Staff as they do an excellent job hosting NENSGA every year.

Eldorado is up this coming Monday, and all reports are that the greens are as good as anyone can remember. We look forward to another competitive tournament.

The NENSGA Cup Points are current thru Randolph, so check out your standing. Remember, payment goes to the top 5 point earners throughout the Season. It is great to win the Cup, but do not forget to keep in the top 5 to win some extra cash at the season finale.

Stay well, drive safe, and we will see you in Norfolk on Monday.

Great Tournament on a warm day at Stanton

Elkhorn Acres in Stanton proved to be a very challenging track. Low score of the day was a 2 under 70. We usually have several scores in the 60s, but with the trees and overhangs, you needed to place the ball just right. The Course was in GREAT shape, the meal was outstanding, and our host PGA Professional Reed Schellen did a super job of making NENSGA feel like Kings.

The updated NENSGA Senior Cup points thru Stanton are now posted, so check out your placing. Next up is Randolph Next Monday July 17. Be safe and we will see you there. Randolph always treats us very well!

Update On 2017 Season

Hard to Believe we have completed 7 Tournaments already. Monday June 26th will be our next event in Hartington. This is always a very well run event with many goodies and excellent food. The Course is in outstanding shape and is always a challenging track.

Please sign up for any remaining Tournaments now. We have actually ran out of stand-by teams in several tournaments already. Your chances of playing are very good, so if you wish to play a certain Course, sign up now.

The Senior cup points have been updated to reflect the totals thru Club 91. Check out and see how you stack up. It is a long season and I assure you, IT IS NOT OVER by a long ways.Keep playing as many events as you can get into, play to your ability, and things have a way of just adding up.

Travel safe, and we will see you Monday in Hartington.