NENSGA Senior Cup Winners

If you're wondering who the competition is .... you'll find a list of our NENSGA Senior Cup winners below.  These are the individuals who have won the most points throughout the entire year of tournaments.  And as you can see, Dave Claussen has been crowned Champion for three of our eight years now! 


2018 2017 2016
LeonBender2017 LeonBender2017 2016 Bill Nickeson
Leon Bender Leon Bender Bill Nickeson
2015 2014 2013




(no photo)




(no photo) (no photo)
Gary Schoepf Dave Clausen Gary Schoepf
2012 2011 2010
billzeisler 2012cupchamp (no photo) (no photo)
Bill Zeisler Dave Clausen Dave Clausen