Important Notice

It has been a very emotional few Days. We have contacted several of our Host courses and asked what their plans are for the 2020 Tournaments. They have literally run the gambit from very little change to extreme changes. Some of the Host Cities are very worried to see 84 to 120 strangers in their Community and on their Golf Courses.

The Board of Directors of some Courses have legitimate concerns. Several of our Members have decided not to play this year. I could go on but the fact is this, This Season would not be what you expect from NENSGA. We as your Board would not represent what NENSGA has been referred to by our members and by our Host Clubs as the BEST run Organization they have ever worked with. Our Host Communities would not view us the way we want to be viewed.

Many of our members families would question our decision to potentially put their loved ones and by extension them in harms way. The Board really does view our Members as Family, and therefore the Decision has been made to suspend the rest of our Season. You must understand that the Board never wants to put a Member in harms way, EVER!

This is going to disappoint some , we know that, but not doing this and having something go wrong is a result we simply can not Live with.

At this point, if anybody requests a refund of their annual Dues, we will of course send you a check. For those others, we will apply this as a paid Membership for 2021. All checks to the Courses will be shredded unless you want them returned. Please contact one of the Directors if you want a specific request. And while you are at it give them a pat on the shoulder for this very emotional and difficult decision.