Welcome to NENSGA 2019!

This year will have a new twist for our players. Not only will you be able to compete for the Year End NENSGA CUP Champion, but starting this year you can also compete against your fellow competitors for a Champion in 4 different age catagories. The age groups will be ages 50 -65 , ages 66-70, ages 71-75, and ages 76-80+.

Your accumulated points will be added to the NENSGA Cup standing, and also to your particular age Division as well. The Overall high point earner will be as always, the NENSGA SENIOR CUP CHAMPION, and will receive a $250.00 prize and have his name added to the CUP as in the past. Everyone else will have the opportunity to win the most points in their age division and will be Named an age group Division Champion. There will be 3 places paid in each division with the Division Champion receiving $80.00 , 2nd Place in each division will receive $60.00 , and 3rd place will pay $40.00.

All ties will split the prize money. First place in each age group and ties will be added to a Plaque each year that will be displayed at each Tournament. You can only cash once, so if you are the SENIOR CUP CHAMPION, you cannot also claim your age division Championship. In the event of a tie for the SENIOR CUP, the loser of the playoff can fall back and claim the Division Championship. Total prize money will be $970.00!!!!

We will hand out copies of the Championship Payouts at each Tournament so that everyone that wants one can take home the program features. Come prepared to battle your fellow competitors in your age group for the bragging rights for the whole winter coffee shop season. Good Luck to all.

Please note that we now have an opening at Fairplay, and an opening at Logan Valley- Wakefield due to cancellations. I believe we also have 4 or 5 slots at North Bend. They tell me their Course did Not sustain really bad damage and they are ready to go. We are not going to call and plead for Members to sign up, and as so, do not want to hear about not being able to play. Here is your chance. Be Well my Friends and We will see you on the 29th.